Friday, 1 April 2011

Finally found a video that sums up my sense of humour

Alright, heres a mission for all the readers of my blog. Find a video that you think is only funny to you, but not most people. In other words, a video that no matter what you do, it will always make you laugh.

I have found that video, and i warn you.. It probably won't make you laugh. I will make you say "what the fuck that was so stupid".

it's really short, and what i find funny about it is that it's just so stupid and short. But to me it just makes me laugh.

What about you guys? anyone have a video that no one would laugh at but you?


  1. I just... can't... find this funny!

  2. hahah. very small sense of humour u have. nah jk u a funny man