Sunday, 27 March 2011

v1.0.0.113 Patch Review - By Roflgator

Roflgator (my partner) made a great post about the new patch.

So this is our second patch review, this patch is very interesting and is getting a LOT of hate on the forums, so it is a perfect one to review.
Anivia: Glacial Storm mana cost reduced
  • I think anivia is fine now and they should leave her alone ^.^
Caitlyn: Headshot Requires 8/7/6 instead of 8 at all levels.
  • Understandable i suppose, Caitlyn is very underrated at the moment though and they should not buff her any more.
Cho’Gath: Feral scream damage reduced, Vorpal strikes damage increased, feast damage reduced but AP ratio buffed, mana for last hits reduced, and some  base stats reduced
  • Well the main problem with chogath was his ability to be able to build completely tanky and not even have to grab health items, just MR and armor items and be able to do a ton of damage and soak up a lot of damage. I think the mana regen on last hits was kinda an extra kick in the teeth, but it looks like theyre just trying to encourage players to build AP on him to increase feast damage.  The nerf on his silence damage wasnt a huge deal. I think he is still a very good champ, i don’t understand what a lot of the QQing is about, he will still serve the same role and still be able to pick people off with his ulti. I think cho’gath is still very viable, despite all the “cho is dead” threads.
Gragas: Barrel roll damage reduced, drunken rage mana reduced.
  • There are so many high level gragas’s running around destroying things that they decided to nerf him. KIDDING. Dude i dont get it, he has a great early game and an almost useless late game, despite what you say its true. Now the guy is having his mana regen reduced and damage reduced, sure its not a whole lot, but i was expect a buff before i see a nerf. Can you guys just put intervating locket back in? to balance him out ;)
Irelia: Equilibrium Strike damage reduced, CD reduced, and AP ratio cut in half. Transcendent Blades damage reduced, base health and movement speed reduced.
  • I still think she is really a good champ, people will still play her and you will still see her banned. Too early to tell if she is still OP or not, but she is still great, no doubt.
Kassadin: Force Pulse damage reduced, cooldown increased, and AP ratio reduced. Riftwalk AP ratio increased. Void Stone damage reduction reduced to 10% from 15%
  • Idk about everyone else, but i am tired of seeing kassadin in every single ranked game. I love seeing him get nerfed, because he is just such an annoying champion :^)
Lux: Nerfed AP ratio on her ulti by .10 and increased the base absorbtion on her shield by 10 damage.
  • I guess her ulti was very annoying, but i wouldn’t say so annoying it is nerf worthy, and i guess they wanted to make her more of a support so they made her shield absorb 10 more damage, so now half of that caster minions orb will be HISTORY! Just kidding, but seriously lux is the same character with a little less ulti damage. so if you have 200 AP expect that sucker to do about 20 less damage lol.
Malphite: Shield recharge time nerfed and and ground slam bonus damage reduced.
  • okay I gotta admit, malphite was still strong as hell and i would constantly wreck with him in games. But I don’t like how the Riot crew were talking like this wouldn’t effect malphite in battles, then sneak a ground slam nerf into it. I think doing less damage with ground slam is going to effect his team fighting, idk about you guys…
Maokai: Arcane smash damage increased, twisted advance damage increased, sapling length increased, Vengeful Maelstrom kinda buffed
  • I still don’t see him being all that special, iI see this guy getting more buffs in the future, he is just not that special.
Sion: 10 damage off his shield damage, lost about 70 base health, and lost some health regen
  • He is still a boss, i actually kinda like this nerf cuz it addresses his early game dominance, but keeps his end game the same :)
Sona: Buffs and nerfs, pretty much changed all her moves.
  • Maybe we will see more Sonas, i havnt seen some in a while and i dont play her, so it is interesting to see if she is “back” or not.
Zilean: Time bomb damage reduced and chrono shift nerf.
  • Zilean is very annoying to play against, i still think he is very viable and people will still pick him and ban him, but I’m glad he is getting more and more balanced.
Group XP buff.
  • I don’t mind it, means I don’t get punished as much for being in a duo lane in those games where that low elo teemo DEMANDS bottom.
I wasn’t too happy with this patch due to the gragas nerfs (He used to be my favorite character pre intervating locket FOTM) but hey, they aren’t messing with the characters I am currently playing much, so i have no complaints :)


  1. Great post. I used to love LoL...

  2. i'm seeing a lot of posts on lol that it's making me want to play the game. :D

  3. Nice to see the game more balanced.

  4. Malphite nerf =( I guess it was inevitable